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Who am I?


I’m Kasi McKenzie-Stubbs. A creative-obsessesed graphic designer and web developer from Perth, WA. I am the founder of Turn About Town Designs and I have been successfully building my business for the last 6 years. During this time, I have worked on a variety of different projects with many different people, together we have created some amazing solutions!

I am a Digital Production Specialist & Graphic Designer for a large company based in Perth. Here, I work on hundreds of jobs each month ranging from email development to large billboards and other out-of-home materials. 

Turn About Town for me, is my creative outlet. It's my opportunity to work with amazing people who want to achieve amazing things for themselves. So strap in, let's get started!


I offer a generous client-centric approach with all my designs. Together we will go on a creative journey to produce a brand that reflects your desired style and bring your vision to life.

We will set your business apart from your competitors through market analysis and developing a strong visual identity and brand voice.