Top things to do in Florianopolis

Why Florianopolis is our favourite place in Brazil

Florianopolis has completely and utterly stolen our hearts. This is our third week in this incredible location and every day we are falling more and more in love with it! Florianopolis as a whole consists of two main areas, the big, bustling city and the island that is just over the bridge. The island is the most popular area to travel and is often referred to as ‘Floripa’ by the locals.

Floripa boasts exciting nightlife, crystal clear beaches, fresh seafood, water sports, breathtaking hiking, sand boarding and horse riding. However, with exactly 42 crystal clear beaches on Floripa, it’s impossible to go wrong.


The best things to do in Florianopolis

The Lagoinha do Leste Trail, and the hike from Barra da Lagoa to Mole Beach

At Mole Beach, Joaquina Beach and Barra da Lagoa beach

Our favourite spots were: P12 Beach Club, John Bull Pub, De Raiz Bar Joaquina,

along the beach and through the forest with Horse Riding Company Haras Ype

whether it be at any of the beaches you are lucky enough visit or simply on a hammock at your accommodation, Floripa is one of the most relaxing spots I’ve visited.


Off the beaten track

The most popular area to stay on Floripa is Lagoa da Conceição which is located along the picturesque saltwater lagoon and provides easy access to boutique shopping, delicious restaurants and bustling nightlife. However, we opted to stay in Barra da Lagoa, which gave us the chilled, beachy vibes that we craved from Australia.

We stayed at a hostel called Barra Beach Club. It is only accessible by a 5 minute walk over the footbridge in Barra Da Lagoa and has a stunning ocean front view. Everyday we ask each other “do you want to extend our stay?” Obviously, the answer is always yes! Nothing can beat waking up each morning, running down to the near-private beach for a swim, friendly staff, free surfboard/wetsuit/beach toy hire, cheap drinks and incredible food. OH BUT THE FOOD, it’s just out of this world and one of the main reasons we haven’t left yet! The chefs hire the hostel kitchen everyday and cook the freshest, world-class meals for backpacker prices (around R$30-R$35 plus a free drink!).

Dont believe us?
Check out our video below that we created during our time are Barra Beach Club.