The perfect way to spend a day in Montevideo, Uruguay

The perfect way to spend a day in Montevideo


Start the morning off with a delicious desayuno at Café Gourmand. They have a wonderful breakfast and bakery selection, although the eggs benedict was definitely a stand out for us. You can never go wrong with a “benny”!

Eggs Benedict for brunch at Cafe Gourmand, Montevideo


Make your way to Old Town where you will find La Pharmacia Cafe, an antique pharmacy that has been transformed into a charmingly, delightful specialty coffee shop. The coffee was brewed to perfection and the décor and furniture were so beautiful, with some pieces still leftover from the original pharmacy.

La Farmacia Cafe, Montevideo


Hire a bicycle and cycle along the La Rambla de Montevideo. The Rambla is 22.2km long and hugs the coast of Montevideo, it’s a beautiful ride and along the way you will pass groups of friends sipping on their mate tea, people walking their dogs, joggers, sunbathers and much more!

La Rambla de Montevideo


By this time, it’s definitely lunchtime! Ride your bike to Mercado del Puerto and wander through the amazing markets and drool over the various parillas as you go along. Choose your favourite restaurant and order a bottle of Medio y Medio (the traditional beverage of Uruguay; sweet sparkling white wine) and order the Bife de Lomo and spend the next few hours taking it all in and enjoying the deliciousness that Montevideo has to offer.

At Mercado del Puerto in Montevideo, drinking Medio y Medio and eating Parilla
The parilla in Mercado Del Puerto


It’s time to go and have some fun! Head on over to Parque Rodó, here you can walk through the luscious park, rent cycle boats on the river or build up some adrenaline at the mini amusement park just across the road! We had a blast on the bumper cars, rollercoasting through the haunted house and jolting our tummies on the Ship ride!

Parque Rodo - amusement/theme park in Montevideo


Across the road, we went and joined the locals sitting along the Rambla and watching the sun slowly set. It is a great spot for people watching and relaxing. If you’re not too full from lunch, you can even grab some freshly cooked churros from the amusement park to munch on as the sun sets for the day.

Sunset in Montevideo

This was exactly how we spent one of our days in Montevideo and I have to say, it’s definitely been one of my favourite for our whole trip so far! It was completely action packed and we were totally buggered so we actually fell asleep by 8:30pm and didn’t make it out that night haha!


Leave a comment if you end up doing any of these experiences and what YOUR thoughts were! Did you make it out? SO PROUD! Let us know what you got up to!