Top five best restaurant picks in Mancora

Green Eggs & Ham - Open for Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Location: Behind the surf rental shack on the main beach break

Green Eggs and Ham Mancora

Well, it’s safe to say that Sam-I-Am didn’t visit this café when he said he didn’t like Green Eggs & Ham. We stumbled across this little gem after an early morning surf when we were gasping for a coffee. This little café on the second floor, overlooking the perfect waves and tropical palm trees became our favourite place for breakfast and lunch during our time in the beautiful town of Mancora! With an affordable menu and large serving sizes, it’s hard to go wrong when dining at Green Eggs & Ham. Our breakfast favourites were the spicy Bloody Marys, pancakes and omelette. For lunch, we consistently ordered the refreshing Mexican Salad and any of the sandwiches off the menu.

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Buda Mancora Asian fusion – Open for lunch and dinner

Location: On the main road opposite the plaza, Av Piura 440

Buda Restaurant Mancora

Buda is a brilliant restaurant that dishes up delectable variety of Asian fusion dishes. We went back to this restaurant for dinner three nights in a row because we could pick and choose affordable options that were full of flavour and they nailed it every time. We became totally obsessed with the sweet and tangy Thai Yellow Curry, and their Wantan Soup. We also tried their sushi and ceviche dishes for lunch which were delicious HOWEVER, we found one other place in Mancora that we thought was even better for these options…keep reading!

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Smokin Brothers Burgers – Open for lunch and dinner

Location: West end of the main drag, Av Piura 241

Smokin Brothers Mancora

Okay, we admit it. This place is a little bit more on the pricier side. But sometimes you just need to sink your teeth into a really good burger #amiright? We indulged here for dinner on our last night (okay…we indulged everyday in Mancora) and it was worth every peso! The burgers were giant, the patties were juicy, the toppings were fresh and the fries were crispy. We couldn’t fault the food and our waiter loved having a good yarn and made us feel very welcome. We were totally keen to team our combo meals up with a bottle of local craft beer but unfortunately our wallets were telling us otherwise. 100% recommend this place if you’re craving a good quality drippy, juicy burger!

La Sirena D’Juan – Open for lunch and dinner

Location: Av Piura 316

La Sirena D'Juan Ravioli Mancora

When asking about the best restaurant in Mancora, this will 150% be the direction you’re pointed in! This local family run restaurant serves up delicious, high-quality Peruvian fusion dishes. You can’t go wrong by choosing anything off the menu, but our favourites included the Ceviche Nikkei and Ravioli. Don’t forget to try the Chef’s Appetizers if your wallet allows!

Browse their website and have a squiz at their latest and greatest menu.

Ganaha Sushi Restaurant – Open for lunch and dinner

Location: Inside Psygon Surf Camp, to the left

Psygon Surf Camp Sushi

Wow, wow and wow. We caught a tuk-tuk to this restaurant because we kept reading about it when searching for a hostel to stay at! Ganaha Sushi Restaurant is located at Psygon Surf Camp Hostel and boy oh boy, were we impressed with the quality of SOOSH! We ordered one of the 30-piece sushi plates and had to stop ourselves from ordering more delicious flavours because we were so full! Do yourself a favour and indulge in the memorable Japanese-Peruvian fusion flavours at this restaurant. PLUS if you’re there for dinner and haven’t overeaten (like we do on a regular basis), you can head across the road to Wild Rover for some good vibes and a party!

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other recommendations! We hope you enjoyed our suggestions!